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Morningstar Agriculture Cmdty TR USD-7,52-10,09-7,08-6,042018-09-21
Morningstar Australasian Bd TR USD-2,69-3,222,192,362018-09-21
Morningstar Canadian Bd TR CAD-1,30-2,34-0,580,382018-09-21
Morningstar DM Europe 100 GR EUR-0,111,154,195,792018-09-21
Morningstar EM Composite Bd TR USD-1,25-1,462,837,022018-09-21
Morningstar EM Corp Bd TR USD-0,35-0,413,337,052018-09-21
Morningstar EM Sovereign Bd TR USD-2,79-3,102,507,252018-09-21
Morningstar Energy Cmdty TR USD21,3740,854,63-9,592018-09-20
Morningstar Eurobond Corp TR EUR-0,48-0,042,202,962018-09-20
Morningstar Euro Bank Capital TR EUR-0,500,012,143,012018-09-20
Morningstar Euro Covered Bd TR LCL0,001,092,994,472017-02-21
Morningstar Euro Gov Infl Lkd TR EUR-0,421,462,033,202018-09-20
Morningstar Eurozone 50 GR EUR0,05-0,686,296,962018-09-21
Morningstar Eurozone Bd TR EUR0,060,731,624,022018-09-21
Morningstar Gbl Gov Bd TR USD0,340,150,323,482018-09-21
Morningstar Gbl xUS Gov Bd TR USD0,470,591,023,222018-09-21
Morningstar Japanese Bd TR JPY1,790,952,012,192018-09-21
Morningstar Livestock Cmdty TR USD-1,460,81-1,822,852018-09-20
Morningstar Lng/Flt Cmdty TR USD7,7413,50-1,021,192018-09-21
Morningstar Lng/Shrt Cmdty ER USD9,5915,58-2,061,612018-09-20
Morningstar Lng/Shrt Cmdty TR USD10,9317,34-1,292,102018-09-20
Morningstar Lng-Only Cmdty TR USD4,7011,190,07-5,642018-09-20
Morningstar Metals Cmdty TR USD-9,84-8,38-1,15-1,722018-09-21
Morningstar Shrt/Flt Cmdty TR USD6,075,20-2,413,652018-09-21
Morningstar Shrt-Only Cmdty TR USD1,93-4,05-3,709,402018-09-21
Morningstar Swiss Bd TR CHF1,311,47-1,144,002018-09-21
Morningstar UK Bank Capital TR GBP-2,10-0,41-1,954,442018-09-20
Morningstar UK Bd TR GBP-2,44-1,06-3,743,772018-09-21
Morningstar UK Eurobond Corp TR GBP-2,22-0,47-1,664,782018-09-20
Morningstar UK Gov Infl Lkd TR GBP-2,820,44-0,457,142018-09-20
Morningstar US Core Bd TR USD0,280,530,245,202018-09-20
Morningstar US Core TR EUR9,8916,9314,3816,052018-09-20
Morningstar US Growth TR EUR22,7931,8716,7419,232018-09-20
Morningstar US Large Cap TR EUR14,2922,1415,8917,152018-09-20
Morningstar US Large Core TR EUR10,4517,0015,4316,512018-09-20
Morningstar US Large Growth TR EUR22,4431,5517,2820,272018-09-20
Morningstar US Large Val TR EUR8,2816,0214,4014,192018-09-20
Morningstar US Market TR EUR13,6221,6015,1316,602018-09-20
Morningstar US Market TR GBP13,6221,6015,1316,602018-09-20
Morningstar US Market TR USD13,6221,6015,1316,602018-09-20
Morningstar US Mid Cap TR EUR11,3819,7512,9915,412018-09-20
Morningstar US Mid Core PR EUR6,1613,639,3713,152018-09-20
Morningstar US Mid Core TR EUR7,3615,5211,3115,072018-09-20
Morningstar US Mid Growth TR EUR19,5728,2613,7615,832018-09-20
Morningstar US Mid Val TR EUR7,2315,4113,7515,222018-09-20
Morningstar US Small Cap TR EUR13,1821,4213,4614,312018-09-20
Morningstar US Small Core TR EUR8,9917,6412,2913,892018-09-20
Morningstar US Small Growth TR EUR23,3132,2915,5115,582018-09-20
Morningstar US Small Val TR EUR7,5714,4812,3613,312018-09-20
Morningstar US Value TR EUR8,0615,8514,1714,372018-09-20
A list of the major FTSE indices with intraday prices and performance - FTSE 100, FTSE 250, FTSE 350, FTSE All-Share, FTSE AIM All-Share, FTSE AIM 100, FTSE AIM 50, FTSE Small Cap and FTSE techMARK All-Share. Those indices represent a wide range of equities from the London Stock exchange and AIM. Click a specific index to see the list of constituent companies with intraday share prices.