Resona maybe first step

Continued disappointments have pushed the Tokyo stockmarket further down after the end of war in Iraq. But now the government rescue of Resona may be the first step in a series of reforms.

Jonas Lindmark 26.05.2003
Saturday May 17th Resona, the fifth-largest bank in Japan admitted that the banks auditors refused to sign its accounts. This forced the Japanese government to take action, resulting in what seems to be nationalization. 2000 billion yen (£10,4b or €14,5b) will be payed to Resona, probably for about 80% of its equity.

However, exactly what will happen to Resona is unclear. Conflicting descriptions in Japanese media and unclear political statements makes it hard to separate substance from talk. Therefore different interpretations co-exist. One is that nationalization of Resona is a well-planned first step in a series of government reforms of the financial sector. Another is that tax-payers money have been given to the present Resona owners and that the over-capacity of the banking s

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