Schroder Eur Smaller Companies: Qual Rating Issued

Gillian de Candole is off to a reasonable start at Schroder European Smaller Companies but it’s still early days.

Muna Abu-Habsa 22.10.2009
We have published a new Morningstar Qualitative Rating and Research Report for Schroder European Smaller Companies.

"This Europe-ex-UK small-cap fund has undergone four manager changes in the past seven years, but that's not as extreme as it seems. During that period, it has been backed by a solid, experienced team with Andy Brough, Andy Lynch and Gillian de Candole at its core (they have worked together for nearly a decade). De Candole, the fund's current manager, took the helm in Oct 07 after its two-year manager, Iain McNaught, moved to the large-cap team. The handover makes sense since de Candole has managed the fund's pan-European counterpart with Brough since 2004. The benefits of having such a long-tenured team are clear; when she was on maternity leave between Dec 08 and Jul 09, Lynch, who previously ran this mandate for four years, was able to step in for her at both of her charges."

The full four-page PDF report can be accessed here. It is free to users of

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Muna Abu-Habsa  is a senior investment research analyst at Morningstar