Schroder ISF Eur Smaller Cos: Qual Rating Issued

Schroder ISF European Smaller Companies’ experienced managers and sound process do not ful

Muna Abu-Habsa 09.10.2009
We have published a new Morningstar Qualitative Rating and Research Report for Schroder ISF European Smaller Companies.

"The risks of small-cap investing have been on show since the start of the credit woes in mid-2007 and the performance of small-cap funds in the recent downturn attests to that. In 2008 alone, funds in the Morningstar Europe Small-Cap Equity category lost 50.5% on average and investors in this fund didn’t escape such a savage loss. But there are some positives, such as longevity of managers and solidity of process."

The full four page PDF report can be accessed here. It is free to users of

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Muna Abu-Habsa  is a senior investment research analyst at Morningstar